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What We Learned Along The Way

When talking about concrete disengagement and reintegration methods, we noted that they often overlap, can be the same for both, or a condition for each other. 

And if there is a trusting social environment, the prison itself can become a place for development and personal change.

We systematized 48 disengagement programs from around the world. What are the commonalities or differences?


While European countries focus mainly on Classic social work and Cognitive-behavioural approaches, non-European countries  strongly focus on Religious interventions.

We have conducted interviews with 47 practitioners in prison, probation and NGOs working directly with terrorist and extremist offenders on how risk assessment tools, disengagement and reintegration methods are used in practice.  


Usually they build and add on existing expertise and methods.

We developed the EUTEx training course that draws on best practice examples across Europe. 


The training is built of 3 modules and consists of an online component and in-person training events in Vienna, Stockholm and Tirana (first training edition). 

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