Disengagement in the Austrian probation service

Spiros Papadopoulos of NEUSTART with insights of the work of the Austrian probation service and what it learned from the terror attack in Vienna. Spiros is member of the EUTEx team and has been working with the Austrian probation service NEUSTART since 2016. He is specialized in caring for released offenders sentenced due to terrorism-related offenses. 


European prisons facing violent extremism: current deficits in professional training

Álvaro Vicente on the lack of training for professional prison staff in Europe dealing with violent extremists and what can be done to improve the situation. Álvaro is Work Package Leader 3 in EUTEx and analyst at the Elcano Royal Institute in Spain. He focuses on the management of jihadist extremism in Spanish prisons, the implementation of innovative trainings in prisons and the design of specialised training programmes for prison and probation staff.