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Developing a European framework for disengagement and reintegration of extremist offenders and radicalised individuals in prison, including returning foreign terrorist fighters and their families

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What We Have Achieved

The Project

What It Was About

Preventing terror attacks depends on the successful disengagement and reintegration of terrorist and extremist offenders. This can only be achieved through a multi-agency and multi-disciplinary framework with evidence-based, effective practices, cooperation among stakeholders, a solid risk assessment and continuity of care from day one.


EUTEx established such a framework by building on European knowledge, skills and products and took them further by summoning the best expertise in relevant fields. Through innovative training methods, EUTEx rolls out this framework  Europe-wide.

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The Partner Consortium

What You Need to Know

EUTEx involved partners from 9 countries, including countries with the highest incidence of terrorism and extremism, countries with the highest numbers of terrorist and extremist offenders in prison and countries where terrorist incidents involved recidivists. The partner organisations specialise in radicalization, risk assessment, disengagement, reintegration as well as work with women, children and communities. The project consortium included public and semi-public administrations.

“Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

Open Book


We implemented EUTEx with the mission to dive deeper into the topics of  disengagement and reintegration of extremists and terrorists in prisons. By means of our blog, we shared our insights on a broader scale. 


What We Learned Along the Way

Sharing with you our main insights from the project was one of our core priorities. Find out our lessons learned which we gathered over 19 months of project implementation and profit from them in your daily work or in another research project you might be engaged in. 

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